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      At Innovation Racing located in Northwest Centennial Hills, Las Vegas, Nevada We not only fix car air conditioning, we also install custom a/c into older car models that don't have a/c!
We fix:

  • Seals

  • Hoses

  • Ventilation fans

  • Vacuum leaks 

  • Freon leaks

  • Condensers and evaporators 

  • Orifice/expansion valve

  • Blower motor


     Some of the signs to determine if your air conditioning is not working properly or failing are:

  • Strange noise when a/c is turned on

  • A/C starts cool then gets warm 

  • Mild to weak air flow

  • Odor coming from a/c vents


     Do you keep putting off getting your cars air conditioning fixed? Don't! You don't have to worry about getting over charged from your dealership/chain auto store anymore. You can afford the luxury of proper working air conditioning! Living in Las Vegas is hot enough, don't make your commute any worse than in needs to be. We pride ourselves in low prices and happy customers!


     If you have a older car that doesn't have a air conditioning system at all we will custom build one for you. Here at Innovation Racing our passion is customization. We will custom make you the perfect a/c for your car. There is no make or model we won't do. We want to get those classic dream cars out of the garage and on to the streets!


     At Innovation Racing auto shop we guarantee to beat any other Las Vegas shop price. We give free estimates. If you have a quote from another auto shop bring it in, we guarantee to beat the price every time!

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