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Brake Repair

brake repair las vegas nevada

At Innovation Racing, located in northwest Centennial Hills, Las Vegas, Nevada (Near Ann and Cimarron), we cover all brake repair. Bring your car in and we will determine whether you need:


·       Rotors replaced/repair

·       Brake pads replaced

·       Master cylinder repair

·       Brake fluid


There are a few key ways to tell if your brakes are failing:


·      Whole car shakes when

       brakes are applied

·      Steering wheel shakes when

       brakes are applied

·      Car pulls to one side when

       you are breaking

·      Brake pedal pulses up and

       down when applying brakes

·      Soft brake pedal when applied

·      Brakes squeak or make noise

·      Car doesn't stop


Having properly working brakes are essential to your car. The brakes decelerate and stop your car. Without proper working brakes, your car is not safe to drive. You can ignore minor brake problems but over time they will only get worse and become a major problem for your car. In fact, these problems will become outright dangerous and deadly.


If you notice any of these problems occurring with your brakes, bring your car into our shop so we can evaluate what needs to be fixed with your car.

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