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Cooling System


At Innovation Racing, located in northwest Centennial Hills in Las Vegas, Nevada (near Ann and Cimarron), we repair cooling systems.


Bring your car in to determine what you need repaired. Here are some of the things we offer:


·       Thermostat replacement

·       Radiator repair or


·       Water pump replacement

·       Coolant hose replacement

·       Engine oil top off

        or change

·       Antifreeze drain and fill


The cooling system keeps parts inside of your engine cool. If your cooling system is failing, your engine will over heat. To tell if this is happening to your car, you will notice:


·       Needle on temperature

        gauge fluctuating 

·       Antifreeze or water on the

        floor mat on the inside

        of your car 

.       Smoke or steam coming

        off of the engine

·       Coolant smells coming from

        under the hood of your car


The cooling system can fail from a number of things like a failed water pump, leaks, blockage or not the right concentration of coolant. The cooling system circulates coolant throughout the engine to maintain a certain temperature. Improper working cooling system will cause an overheated engine. We not only offer to fix cooling systems, we offer a maintenance on your cooling system to prevent future problems.


At Innovation Racing Auto Shop, we guarantee to beat any other Las Vegas shop’s price. We give free estimates. If you have a quote from another auto shop, bring it in; we guarantee to beat the price every time

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