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Oil Change

At Innovation Racing, located in northwest Centennial Hills in Las Vegas, Nevada (near Ann and Cimarron), we offer oil change service.

Getting a, oil change regularly is necessary for every car. If you are not sure if your car needs an oil change, you can check under the hood using the dip stick or bring your car in and we will check for you. Your oil light on your dashboard is also an indicator that your oil needs to be changed.


If you check your oil in your car, it should not be too low or too dark in color. Either one if these can be dangerous for the parts under the hood. The oil in your car acts as a lubricant between the car’s moving parts. If the car’s oil is too low, it will cause extreme engine wear, then eventually will seize your engine. If your oil is too dark, it has impurities in it and will not flow through the moving parts as easily, thus creating the engine and parts to wear down. Oil change is the best preventative maintenance you can do for your car.

Each car make/model has a different amount of miles it can go before the oil needs to be changed. If your oil light is on, bring your car into our auto shop immediately we will do a maintenance/oil change for you. If you have multiple repairs needed for your car and an oil change is one of them, we will create a custom low-price package for you.


At Innovation Racing Auto Shop, we guarantee to beat any other Las Vegas shop’s price. We give free estimates. If you have a quote from another auto shop, bring it in; we guarantee to beat the price every time!

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