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Shocks, Struts, Suspension


At Innovation Racing, located in northwest Centennial Hills in Las Vegas, Nevada (near Ann and Cimarron), we cover all shock, strut and suspension repair.


Bring your car in and we will determine whether you need:


·         Shocks

·         Struts

·         Ball joints

·         Tire rods

·         Chassis 

·         Springs

·         Dampers

·         Rack and pinion

·         Anti-sway bars

·         Gear box



When your shocks, struts or suspension needs to be repaired you will notice:


·       Less comfortable ride

        over bumps

·       Your car will try to move

        out of its lane over bumps

·       Car will nose dive when

        you stop

·       Tires will have a cupping

        pattern in them

·       Oil leakage from the

        shocks, struts

·       Rusting  shocks, struts

·       Cracked rubber bushings

        where the shock,

        strut attach



Shocks, struts and suspension will need to be repaired between 80,000-100,000 miles typically. It is easy to overlook these in Las Vegas due to mainly flat roads. You will notice a difference in your car’s ride and the longer you wait to get them repaired, the worse your ride will become.


At Innovation Racing Auto Shop, we guarantee to beat any other Las Vegas shop’s price. We give free estimates. If you have a quote from another auto shop, bring it in; we guarantee to beat the price every time!

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