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car/truck battery

        Battery replacement or maintenance
        At Innovation Racing located in  Northwest Centennial Hills, Las Vegas, Nevada we replace and offer battery maintenance.
If you need to have maintenance on or have your battery replaced you will notice:

  • Dash board warning light with battery

  • Slow engine start

  • Issues with electrical components inside of your car

  • Swollen battery case

  • Strange smell coming from your battery


      You want to get your battery replaced as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of these problems. Your battery gives the power to the starter motor and ignition system to start the engine. Without the battery your car will not start. A car battery last an average of four years. If you have not had your battery tested in a while bring it into our auto shop and we will test it for you.


     At Innovation Racing auto shop we guarantee to beat any other Las Vegas shop price. We give free estimates. If you have a quote from another auto shop bring it in, we guarantee to beat the price every time!

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